Iran Natural Attractions Part 9

Iran is rich in terms of waterfalls. The waterfalls are Ganj Nameh Waterfall in Hamadan, Margoon Waterfall in Sepeedan, Shalmash Waterfall in Sardasht, and Yasooj Waterfall in Yasooj.

This waterfall is one of the most important waterfalls of the province, near the city of Hamadan and at the tail end of the recreational area of Abbas Abad Valley. This waterfall flows down from a height of about 12 m. and is known as the water of Abbas Abad. Its average output is 200 liters/second. This waterfall is in the vicinity of the Ganj Nameh Inscriptions and also en route to the track from where the heights of the Alvand mountains are accessible.

Formed as a result of the Kamhar Watershed penetrating the rocky areas, the harmony of forest trees with unique topography of mountainous and river land regions, have enhanced the landscape beauties of the Margoon Waterfall. This area created an ecosystem that attracts domestic and international tourists along with research, education and recreational capabilities.

This is counted as one of the branches of Zaab River, located near the city of Sardasht. This waterfall is about 10 m. high with a good outflow of water. The beauty of this waterfall is further enhanced by the green beautiful valley and scattered forests in surrounding area which is being utilized as a recreational site by people.

This waterfall is a few km. from Yasooj city and to the right hand side of the route ending in Sisakht. It is in a narrow pass. This area is a tourist region specially in the spring and summer. Moreover, the gardens with beautiful trees around this vicinity grant very attractive views to this waterfall. The existence of various beautiful birds in this area and different types of flowers has changed this area to an attractive region inviting tourism activities. --irna

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