Damavand Mountain Trekking Season

Climbing season for Damavand Mountain  is from mid June to mid September. In this season south route foot-steps are free of snow, the weather is generally good and travelers can go up by cars as far as Damavand BaseCamp, ( also called 2nd campsite or Goosfand Sara).

Trekkers with ordinary climbing experience are advised to try the mountain in this season. Damavand Mountain shelters and refuges are crowded during Iranian weekends and holidays. Best starting days is Saturday. Avoid travelling to the are in Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday).

Damavand acclimatization in Iran Mount Federation camps and resorts. Iran Hiking & trekking, ski touring and climbing tours. Mount climbing and ski mountaineering guide. Useful links Damavand Mountaineer. Ski and snowboard tours to Iran ski resorts. Iran Mountain FederationIran campsite, shelter, hut, refuge and resort. The new first campsite is called polour. The older first campsite is called reineh, rayneh, reneh or reyneh. The middle campsite or the second campsite is called basecamp (base camp) or Goosfand Sara or Mosque. The tast campsite or the third camp is called Bargah Sevom or panagah sevom. Damavand Photo. Damavand Iran, How to Acclimatize, Damawand Acclimatization, Mountain Federation camps.

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