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Photo by Brian Mc Morow

Eram Garden, Shiraz
The Garden of Paradise (Bagh-e-Eram)
Eram garden is located in the center of Shiraz ,Iran, on the side of Eram street. With its beautiful flowers and decorative plants as well as its amazing edifice, it is now also known as the Botanical Garden of Shiraz University, and is in the heart of the city of Shiraz .Bagh-e-Eram is a spacious garden, with many cypresses, and a magnificent building, and a hall decorated with mirrored facets, and a fine stoneedged tank. This is one of the most celebrated gardens of Shiraz, and dates from the reign of Qajar. Among the cypresses in that garden there is one very tall and symmetrical cypress tree, which especially attracts attention. It is called (sarv-e-naz), signifying a cypress whose branches stretch out regularly in all directions, and there is no tree of its kind to compare with it anywhere else in the country of Iran.The 19th century Qadjar palace lies in the middle of this garden , with its own reflecting pool.The spring which flows in the waterfronts right in the middle of the building pours into ponds and grants Eram garden a great appeal. The cypress tree in this garden is quite famous. This monument is a masterpiece from the Qajar dynasty in so far as architecture, painting, carvinf, tiling and stuccowork are concerned. The lower sections of the building's exterior are formed of 2 - meter - high plain and carved stones and on the eight columns there is the exihibt of two Qajar soldiers ans six inscriptions.

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