Iran Natural Attractions Part 5

Caves of Iran
Iran is home to many beautiful and splendid caves. To name just a few of extensive collection of the caves in the country, reference should be made to Alisadr Cave in Kabudrahang and Qoori Qal'eh Cave in Paveh.

The said cave is the largest in the world, containing water and offering the use of canoes. This cave is located in the village of Alisadr, district of Kabudrahang, and was inaugurated in the year 1967. In the hills where the Alisadr cave is located, there are two other caves by the names of Soo Bashi and Sarab Caves. The water present in Alisadr Cave, takes its source from that of the Sarab Cave. The Alisadr Cave comprises of a number of small and large 'halls' or spaces, in a maze like fashion, connected to each other by passages. The water within the cave is extremely cold but very clear, odorless, colorless and with an ordinary taste. It comes under the calcium bicarbonate category, is nearly neutral in PH, but unfortunately polluted. The ceiling of the cave is covered with a sedimentation of pure calcium carbonate and a mixture of other chemical compounds. Thus forming stalagmites of unique beauty and design, which draws the attention of visitors. The air within the cave is light and static. To date, all the canals of this cave have not been discovered, and only approximately 2,100 m. have been recognized. Here, the height of the ceiling is between 1-35 m. the width of the canals 2 - 15 m. and the depth of the water 1-17 m. Within the cave, electric power, and paddling canoes (seating 4 persons) aid visitors to see parts of this cave.

Among the oak forests of Oramanat and Paveh at a distance of 90 km. from Kermanshah, exists the Qoori Qaleh Cave which is considered the largest cave with water in Asia. This cave begins in the Qoori Qaleh Village and according to people continues till Iraq. In 1989, a group of mountaineer of the mountain Climbing Institute of the province succeeded in discovering the internal portion of the cave and its various halls. This group in addition to gaining access to the depth of the cave discovered about 12 dark and meandering paths and mapped them. The Qoori Qaleh Cave is about 3,140 m. in length. In this cave a rare species of bats has been seen. Some articles related to a relic of an ancient Sassanide castle nearby have been discovered. A variation of colors and oblique pillars and waterfalls are unique characteristics of the Qoori Qaleh Cave. --irna

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