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Summit of Iran
Summit of Middle East
Highest Volcano in Asia and Europe
Second Highest Volcano in The North Hemisphere

Mount Damavand
Mt Damavand Infor Centre
Mount Damavand is a silent volcano located in Alborz Range . On most days of the year in clear condition the summit can be seen not only from Tehran but also far from 150 kilometers away . it looks like Fujiyama in Japan but much greater . I believe that its snowy white top with its regular clouds is the most beautiful sight of Iran . There has been no eruption of Damavand in historical times and records so it is regarded as extinct silent volcano. There are some hot springs on its lower slopes like Larijan village . At the summit there is a crater about 150-200 meters across , with a lot of yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones. At about 5000 meters there are also some sulfuric gas making a little problem for climbers . Snow covers the crater and upper slopes in winter, spring and autumn . Because of its great height , the view from top of Damavand is very extensive , a big panorama of mountains and valley covering many hundred of square Kilometers . All around are other peaks of the Alborz range, in the north to the Caspian Sea plain and in the south descending to the deserts of central of Iran . In fact it is the not only the highest peak in Iran , but also the highest in Middle East and the highest if you travel from Europe eastward to Iran .

Useful Information about Mt. Damavand
Farsi Name: Koh Damavand alternate Donbalvand , Dood koh , Koh Damawand
English Name: Mount Damavand or Volcano Damavand ,mt. Damavand
Alternate Spell & Name : Mount Damawand , Volcano Damawand , Demavand ,Demavend , demavand....
Location: central Alborz range Iran 80 Km North- East of Tehran
Altitude: 5,671 m - 18,605 ft
Latitude: 35° 57' 19" N
Longitude: 52° 06' 36" E
Best Climbing Time: 10 June To 20 August
Best Climbing Side: South face
Best Climbing Program: 2 days climb
Best Start point: Polour , a small village at the south side of the Mount Damavand
First Climbs : We believe there has been may unrecorded climbs in ancient years.
First Recorded Climbed: 1837 by W.T Thomson
Status: not active
Most Recent Eruption: None on record
Nearest International Airport: IKA Airport Teheran, Iran

Maps and Signs for Mount Damavand Climb

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