Dash Kasan ( Dragon ) Cave - Temple
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Dash Kasan ( Dragon ) Cave - Temple Photo Gallery by Ardeshir Soltani

Dash Kasan ( Dragon) Cave - Temple photo Gallery by Jafar Sepehri

Dash Kasan ( Dragon ) Cave - Temple
This aggregate is located 10 km. south east of Soltanieh (Abhar). During this period three caves have been intricately dug out from the breast of the mountain side. Out of the remnants of this beautiful sculpture is worth mentioning of two dragons opposite each other and reaching a height of 3 m. Along side these are other engravings (in the Islamic style) such as flowers and paisley design in order to enchance the beauty of the altars situated in the cave.Besides which the stone has been carved in an arched fashion. The remnants of these carvings are from the period of the Mongol Emperor Oljaito, as he had sent for Chinese craftsmen and ordered them thus. According to the theory held regarding these caves, they were utilized during two separate periods in history. In the first the theory holds that these caves were a place of worship for the Sassanians. The second being during the Ilkhanan dynasty, depicted by the carving such as dragons, grape wine leaves, and wine etched in the caves. Due to the fact that the green slabs of stone use in constructing the Soltanieh citadel were excavated from these caves, space was provided for carvings and the construction of tombs in the said vicinity which later on was turned into a mausoleum.itto

Moves to Protect Dash Kasan Temple
ZANJAN, Sept. 3--Soltanieh Research Station plans to implement a project to preserve the historical Dash Kasan temple in cooperation with Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, reported CHN.According to some archeologists, during the Ilkhanate era some designs were created on the temple, which has so far undergone several rounds of excavations.However, no measures have so far been taken to safeguard the monument, he complained.Stating that the temple has come under the jurisdiction of great Soltanieh project, executive director of Soltanieh Arg, Mohammad Reza Qorbanzadeh said that the monument was damaged in recent years due to lack of proper safety measures.“Therefore, we intend to prevent further damages to the temple this year,“ he said, adding that as soon as necessary funds are made available, a plan for protecting the temple will be drawn up.Expressing dissatisfaction over the current state of the unique temple, Qorbanzadeh also added that Archeology Research Center said that a permit will be necessary to undertake any project in temple.Ancient temple of Dash Kasan is located in the vicinity of Vier village, some 15 kilometers from Soltanieh historical city. Iran-Daily

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