Mount Damavand Climbing Permit

Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation asks all foreigners mountaineers who plan to go to Damavand in Iran for trekking, mountaineering, skitouring or snowboarding, from any route and in any season, to obtain a climbing permit. The price of Damawand Climbing Permit is 50 USD per person.

Mount Damavand Permit
Mount Damavand Permit

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Pay permit fee charge to IRAN Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation for hike and trek to Damawand. Climbing Permit for Hiking Trekking and Ski Adventure Tours to Mount Damavand for foreign climbers.Useful links Damavand Tour. Permission ticket payment to authorized offices of Mount Climbing Federation of Iran in Tehran for Demavand ski tour and snowboard tours. Climbing Permit, Hiking Trekking, Ski Adventure Tours, Mount Demavend Iran. Damavend Route. Demawand Peak.

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